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Fire Sale! Small Mosaic Birds Single Hanging Poppy Feeder, Orange

Fire Sale! Small Mosaic Birds Single Hanging Poppy Feeder, Orange

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While dainty in appearance, the Single Hanging Poppy Feeders is full of whimsy and charm.

  • The feeder is a perfect size for small spaces like apartment balconies or patios.

  • For larger areas, hang in different colors at varying levels to create an eye catching display both you and your birds are sure to love.

  • Provide a medley of food choices such as mealworms, fruit, jelly, peanuts, or suet when displaying multiple feeders together.

  • Simply place the sturdy metal rod with hook near your favorite viewing area, sit back, and enjoy the beauty of nature.

  • Recycled glass & powder coated metal construction - makes for a long lasting feeder.

  • Sturdy metal rod with hook - allows for easy Attachment. Color infused glass - glass is artisan made with color infused inside.

  • Easy to maintain design - Supports quick hand cleaning to prevent bacteria and seed rot.

  • Care instructions - hand wash Only

  • Silicone washers and galvanized screws (included) - keeps glass protected from metal. Gift boxed- Packaged in decorative gift box.

  • Couronne brand products are made with recycled glass components in an effort to reduce waste and protect the environment.

  • Glass can be recycled endlessly, so please recycle and do your part to protect the environment for future generations.

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Care Instructions

Wipe with a damp cloth

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