Chinese Zodiac Animal - Dog

1934 - 1946 - 1958 - 1970 - 1982 - 1994 - 2006 - 2018 - 2030
Ranking order : Eleventh 
Hours ruled by the DOG : 7 pm - 9 pm 
Direction of its sign : Northwest 
Season and principal month : Autumn - October 
Corresponds to Western sign : Libra 
Fixed Element : Metal 
Stem : Positive 
The martial strains have summoned me
To hear your sorrows,
Still your pain.
I am the protector of Justice;
Equality--my sole friend.
My vision never blurred by cowardice,
My soul never chained.
Life without honor
Is life in vain.

I am the DOG.


DOG Honest , faithful and possessing deep loyalty and responsibility. Can be magnanimous and prosperous, yet also guarded and defensive, never really relaxed despite outer calm. She has a glib tongue, practical and realistic. The Dog is also trustworthy and generous to people and has a deep sense of justice.

The Dog will never let you down. Born under this sign you are honest, and faithful to those you love. You are plagued by constant worry, a sharp tongue, and a tendency to be a fault finder, however. You would make an excellent businessman, activist, teacher, or secret agent.




This may be the most likable sign of all in the Chinese cycle. A person born in the year of the Dog is honest, intelligent and straightforward He has a deep sense of loyalty and a passion for justice and fair play. A Dog native is usually animated and attractive and will exude sex appeal. Generally amiable and unpretentious, he will know how to get along with others as he is not too demanding. The egalitarian Dog likes to meet others halfway, is always willing to listen to reason and can be counted on to do his share.

If you have a forthright Dog for a friend, you must know that when you are in trouble, all you have to do is dial D-O-G. For no matter how I much he or she complains, scolds or feigns indifference, the Dog person cannot ignore a real call for help. At times, the Dog protects the interests of others more avidly than his own. If anyone will bail you out ten times out of ten, he must be a Dog. The Dog-born sometimes sticks to the object of his affection no matter how unworthy the person is. You don't find a Dog leaving home just because he discovers that his master has the proverbial feet of clay. He makes allowances for such frailties and he will probably stick it out through thick and thin. And if he does leave home, well, don't blame him, it must be a truly dismal place indeed! The Dog does not desert easily.

Like his equally humanitarian friend, the Tiger, the Dog seldom directs his wrath at someone personally. He will take you to task over one specific act or offense without hating you entirely or forever. His anger is more of a bright flash. It could come without warning and may die as quickly, too. But it will always be a justifiable kind of anger without malice, without rancor and without jealousy. When all is said and done and proper reparations have been made, he can bury the hatchet. Not all Dogs look for fights. It would be more just to say that the Dog person is an open-eyed and open-minded observer, with the objective of preserving social goals and guarding the interest of the public at large.

Once in a while, when the Dog decides to take up a cause he thinks is right, he will emerge victorious. Fortunately, he is not one to champion bad causes because his ideals and morals will be of the highest order. As the symbol of justice, the Dog person is very serious about his self-imposed responsibilities.

Collectively speaking, the Dog is not materialistic and ceremonious; he prefers plain talk. He usually sees through people's motives anyway, so fancy language just affects him the wrong way. He is a natural lawyer and will listen to your case objectively. But don't pry into his affairs as he will become secretive and withdrawn. The Dog was born with his defense shields up. You will have to gain his confidence gradually and wait for him to open up. The Dog is reputed to be cynical, but this is a callous generalization. Actually, it is more fitting to say that puppies are universally lovable and irresistible, young dogs are frisky and full of life and only mature or old dogs earn the right to be the diehard cynics of the Oriental zodiac. Staunch public defenders and members of the Old Guard must indeed belong to the elite Dog unit, getting bleary-eyed with disillusionment as the years go by but remaining ever faithful in rallying to the bugle's call. Raving with disgust at how low our morals have sunk, the Dog will still be found pitting his strength against the forces of evil and answering every S.O.S. that comes his way.

Even as young pups, the Dog will be able to spot the good guys and the bad guys. He'll want to be one of the good guys, of course. She will be Joan of Arc and he will be Sir Galahad.

The Dog, whether he admits it or not, will have an inborn need to divide people into fixed categories. To him, you are either a friend or foe; black or white. No mousey grays or other shades of in-between. He has to know how to classify you before he can relax in your company. His decision to trust or not to trust you is often a final one. And if he does suspect you, well, he may not be rude enough to come right out and accuse you without the evidence, but you can be sure he will be watching you from the corner of his eye. However, even snarling, barking, mad dogs have a good idea of how the legal system works and won't come after you without that warrant. But when he's onto your scent and picks up your tracks, it will be difficult to shake him off.

On the whole, the Dog is only violent when stirred or attacked on his home ground. He will work hard when he has to or wants to; otherwise, he has a certain "lie by the fire" kind of laziness. Yet, while he is tolerant of and acquiescent to his friends, he can be critical of and emotionally cold to people he dislikes. Practical, fearless and the owner of one very sharp tongue, the Dog person is ultra realistic and outspoken. He will make a good judge as he spares no one, not even himself, in the final analysis.

Like the late Chou En-lai, who was born in the year of the Dog, the native of this sign will be loved for his warm charisma and superb insight into human nature. With his astute intelligence and noble character, he makes a good but sometimes reluctant leader. People trust him and hold him in high esteem because of his sense of duty and discretion. The Dog's leadership is unemotional, although altruistic. But he is also prone to bouts of erratic and cantankerous behavior. This may be because he is really an introvert at heart and hates all that pretense on the social scene. The Dog-born does not care very much about money, but should he have desperate need for it, no one is better equipped to find it. In many cases, he will be born into a good family; if not, he will elevate his status in life by himself without shunning his family or hiding his humble origins. Even while he puts on a bright and cheerful appearance, the Dog is by nature a pessimist. He tends to worry unnecessarily and will expect trouble to be lurking in every corner. But there are times when his predictions come true. Anyway, it will be wise to note that Orientals as well as Westerners have the same belief that everyone needs a Dog at home to distinguish friends from foes.

You can trust the Dog to hand you the bad news with the good. With his matter-of-fact ways, he may even be quite good at breaking sad tidings, especially to theatrical and overemotional people. It is not that he will enjoy informing people of disaster (whether or not he led a demonstration last week to protest the matter); it will be because it is against his nature to hedge or delay the inevitable. He is a definite person and he has this necessity to give you a definite answer. As for himself, he will be able to face the facts of life, even if he is young and untried.

When he is right, the Dog can be obstinate and unbending. It is hard to influence the unprejudiced Dog once he makes up his mind. He will cut the opposition's arguments to ribbons with his flawless logic and acid wit. His bad temper and hot criticism can do a lot of damage but he only resorts. to this when he is getting nowhere with diplomacy and formal protests. The Dog may be pugnacious and quarrelsome but he will take his fights out to the open and rarely stoops to underhanded methods in order to win. He excels as a military man, lawyerS teacher, judge, doctor, captain of industry or missionary. He is one person who can carry on revolutionary activities with a pacifist's views.

The lady Dog will be a thoughtful and capable person who will in all situations be a simple dresser, preferring casual and serviceable clothing. She will opt for a loose and flowing hair style that could frame her expressive face quite dramatically. She can become curt, impertinent and impatient when she is crossed, but on the whole she is unaffected and attentive to the needs of others. Cooperative, unprejudiced and a very good sport, she will enjoy dancing, swimming, tennis or any other lively outdoor activity. A real friend to her husband and children, she will allow them enough freedom to express themselves and choose their own futures without being possessive or interfering.

Dog girls have warm, enduring beauty. Ava Gardner, Sophia Loren, Brigitte Bardot, Zsa Zsa Gabor and Cher are but a few of the glamorous examples of famous females born under this sign.

Although she exhibits a fairly amiable disposition and has a ready smile for everyone, the Dog lady likes to form friendships slowly. You will have to come over to her house for tea (a good sign of acceptance), then invite her over to try your homemade cupcakes. You must discover each other's qualities leisurely. Compare likes and dislikes. Exchange mutual oaths of loyalty. When her sense of equilibrium is satisfied, you will get the royal stamp of approval. Henceforth, your name is engraved in gold in her little black book under the heading Friend (she has another section for the Enemies), and when you call upon her she will come to your rescue Wherever she may be.

The Dog person is never without resources, and even when he does not have direct power, he will wield influence on important or decision-making people through his sound advice and remarkable insight. People do lend him their ears, as he champions moderation in all things. Yet the Dog-born is the first to see the perils of being at the top of the power game and is often criticized for his lack of desire for fame and authority. He keeps his aspirations to himself and is modestly prepared to serve others, if that is his duty, or else be left alone to do whatever pleases him most. Moreover, he is not renowned for his patience and has the tendency to snap at others when irked. He will not go out and fall madly in love like the-Horse or Tiger, but he will be deeply attached and affectionate to those he loves.

While it will never be easy for the Dog to trust everyone profoundly, as the Boar does, he does his best to bring out the good in his fellowmen. Once you have gained his allegiance, he will place complete faith in you and give you his undivided support. Try criticizing someone who is dear to the Dog, and you will be in for a very strong rebuttal.

Most people born under this sign are tough, in the sense that they can take a lot of stress without cracking up. The Dog's stable mind makes him a good counselor, priest or psychologist. During times of crisis, he can suffer great hardships and deprivation without complaining. He earnestly wishes that the world were a better place to live in, and he will not be afraid to go out and do something about it. Many saints and martyrs were born under the idealistic sign of the Dog.

A Dog who is born at night is reputed to be more aggressive and high-strung than one born during the day. Dogs of all seasons will be well provided for throughout their lives and have need of little.

The Dog will be most compatible with the Horse, the Rabbit and the Tiger; He will have no conflict with the Rat, Snake, Monkey, Boar or another Dog. The Rooster he will have difficulty understanding. The one he will never really get himself to believe in is the overconfident Dragon. Neither can he find it pleasant to tolerate the constant complaints of the indulgent Sheep. Likewise, the Dragon will be enraged when the Dog pours cold water over his grand designs and the Sheep will call the Dog insensitive.



Metal Dog - 11060, 1970, 2030

This type of Dog can be unwavering in his convictions and highly critical of every infraction of the law according to his own interpretation. However, his principles are of the highest kind and fundamentally he is noble and charitable. He will give himself to a lifetime of selfless dedication if he finds an object of cause or worthy of his devotion. Yet he can be ruthless when aroused and will pursue his enemies until they are annihilated.

The metal element combined with his lunar sign, which is also governed by Metal, produces a double Metal sign, which is extremely formidable. Tibetans call this combination the "Iron Dog" and look upon its year with much apprehension as it could be either very good or very bad, depending on whether it takes on negative or positive course.

Likewise, the stern and principled Metal Dog will exhibit the same traits and will exercise strong mental discipline over himself and take things very seriously--especially when they concern the affairs of his heart or his country.

His loyalty is unquestionable and he has strong political views. Never indecisive, he will pick a side and never desert his affiliations. Consequently, even though he hates injustice and foul play, this type of Dog can resort to extreme measures when he insists that others subscribe to his views.


Water Dog - 1922, 1982, 2042

An intuitive type of Dog, who will be difficult to lead astray. He could be very attractive and a striking beauty if a female.

Water gives him more reflective qualities and he will be sympathetic to the views of the opposite side. However, despite his pleasant personality and democratic stance, he does not establish very strong personal bonds to those close to him and is often too liberal where he should be more firm. More easygoing than other Dogs, he will tend to be lenient with himself as well as with others, often indulging in self-gratification and adventurous sprees. But because his strong temperament will be toned down by the Water element, this Dog is able to contain his emotions to an admirable degree and will present a calm and charming exterior.

A good counselor, fair judge and legal-minded operator, the Water Dog will be fluid in expressing himself, using psychological approaches that are hard to refuse or refute. He is fated also to have a large circle of friends and his company will be much sough after.


Wood Dog - 1874, 1934, 1994, 2054

An enchanting, warm-hearted and even-tempered sort of Dog, who in spite of his candor and wariness of strangers will form close and lasting relationships with those he chooses to befriend and love. Honest, considerate and well-liked, this Dog person seeks intellectual stimulation and will work hard to develop himself.

Wood gives him a more stable and generous nature and he will seek growth, balance and beauty in his environment. He will also be attracted to money and success but will preserve himself from too much materialism. With an aptitude for dealing with vast numbers of people from all walks of life, he or she will act with maturity and common sense.

The Wood Dog will be popular and will gravitate toward refinement and social graces despite his hidden assertive qualities. Energetic and cooperative, he will like to deal in partnerships or ally himself with powerful affiliations.

Hie is basically group-oriented and will be eager to please as many of his associates as possible. Thus, this type of Dog can sometimes be held back because he refuses to move without the sanction and backing of others. He must learn independent even if it means rocking the boat on occasion.


Fire Dog - 1886, 1946, 2006, 2066

A highly dramatic and attractive type of Dog who will be thrown into the limelight by his alluring yet friendly personality. He will be defiant and rebellious when forced to do something against his will, but he will be very popular with the opposite sex. Although he may be the life of the party type, he is still careful to practice what he preaches and will not be spoiled by success and fortune. Fire makes him very fierce when attacked; nor will he make threats he cannot carry out. His bite is just as strong as his bark.

The buoyant and self-assured Fire Dog has greater magnetic charm and can convince others to follow his lead. His independent spirit and courage will see to it that he is never afraid of getting involved with others. He will constantly thrill to new experiences and adventures. But he needs a strong shining example to pattern himself after. He will relate better to people older than himself, those from whom he can learn a great deal or whom he can depend on to bring stability into his life.

Fire makes him or her more creative and pure in expression. He will be charged with super willpower and a natural honesty that people find hard to resist. His outgoing character combined with the Dog's basic faith and idealism will help him to succeed in ambitious endeavors and to overcome great barriers.


Earth Dog - 1898, 1958, 2018, 2078

This Dog will be an impartial dispenser of sound advice and justice. An efficient and constructive thinker, he moves slowly and with good purpose. He is faithful to his beliefs but will bow to the majority rule. Vigilant and careful, he will appreciate the proper use of money and power and have a fixed scale of values from which he seldom deviates.

Quiet, kind-hearted but secretive, he will understand how to inspire others and instruct them wisely. Yet because of his high moral standards and unfailing idealism, he tends to overperform and may demand excessive dedication and loyalty from others.

A good fighter and an equally good survivor, this Dog is practical and less sentimental. The realistic Earth Dog will value his individualism and self-respect and will speak without reserve straight from his heart. He will not abuse powers bestowed on him and will delegate duties with a keep insight into other people's potentials. He is never totally suppressed by defeat nor overconfident in victory.



Year of RAT

A very fortunate year. The Dog can be successful in business or will receive additional income from some investments. His health is good but there will be some problems in his home area or with young children. He should avoid lending money this year.


Year of OX

A year of uncertainties for the Dog-born. He may suffer from hasty decisions or may have to make difficult concessions. Friends or associates tend to misunderstand him or take offense easily. His good intentions are misread and he must avoid confrontation at all costs. Loss of power or additional expense is indicated this year.


Year of TIGER

A moderately happy year. No serious disputes at home or office. Some romantic squabbles predicted but they will do no permanent damage. The Dog's net results this year will be mixed and he will be confused by conflicting reports. Friends and family will make too many demands on his time.


Year of RABBIT

A favorable year for the aspirations of the Dog. He can start his own business this year or go into a partnership. He will be able to advance his position and can reorganize things for the benefit of others. Problems are solved with a minimum of complications.


Year of DRAGON

A difficult year in store. The Dog will have to strive very hard to maintain his former status and may have to fight off the competition constantly. People take advantage of his weak position and he is susceptible to infections and contagious diseases. A time to lie low and join forces with others instead of acting independently. He will receive good news in the winter.


Year of SNAKE

A very good year. The Dog will still have to work hard but he will receive due recognition of his efforts. He will be lucky in his business investments and will have the support of the right people. A year for him to take things easy and enjoy his family life more. He will also benefit a lot from good advice or tops given to him at this time.


Year of HORSE

A year of expansion and progress for the Dog. Promotions and real financial gains are indicated and he will be at the peak of his power and lick. some unhappy news at home or loos of a small belonging is indicated. He will entertain or travel a lot this year. This is a time in which the Dog will have to use his mind a lot.


Year of SHEEP

A moderate year for the Dog. Anxiety and worries best him. He can prevent losses and resolve differences if he holds his tongue and refuses to lose his temper. A year for him to be patient and conservative.


Year of MONKEY

A fair year. It will be hectic and not as fruitful as the Dog expects, but there will be good news or celebrations at home. Extra expenses, more traveling than usual or a change in residence are also foreseen. New friends and important people will fete him.



A mixed year for the Dog native. Problems with health, romance, government or superiors are indicated. Friends are not helpful or understanding and he finds it hard to get back money due him. He will suffer temporary loss of position and credibility.


Year of DOG

A protected year. Problems and health upsets are few and the Dog will be able to increase his knowledge, spend time for study or meditation or regain lost credibility. He will have some achievements in his career but no large profits or return on investment.


Year of BOAR

A calm year. The Dog person could make some gains through speculations or reap unlikely benefits. Results cannot be as good as he wishes due to delays and additional expenses. A year to cultivate new and influential friends or contacts.




Have respect and admiration for one another. No serious differences or personality clashes. Could have good teamwork in common aims.


DOG and OX

Do not have many areas of similar interest. Some communication gaps and unsympathetic feelings. Will not relate very well together.



Excellent match. No difficulties in communication in this union. Will achieve success and prosperity in love or business relations.



Highly compatible and rewarding relationship. Deep trust and affinity for one another. Will find prosperity and happiness together.



Serious clashes and strong conflicts. Cannot comprehend or trust each other. Highly incompatible. Cannot see eye to eye.



Mutual respect and certain areas of common interest. No large conflicts. Will cooperate to a good extent. Fairly amicable ties.



Very compatible combination. Successful and happy relations in love and partnerships. Deep affinity and permanent bonds for one another.



Tolerate each other at best. Have very little in common and no special need for each other's company. Incompatible team.



Have underlying respect for each other. No clashes of wills. Good and workable relations in love and partnerships. Will cooperate well together.



Nothing solid or lasting will result from this relationship. Some resentment and communication gaps. Moderate to cool ties at best.



No conflicts. Congenial and cooperative ties. Compatible to a good extent. Will work together amicably for common goals.



No serious personality clashes. No struggles for dominance. Acceptable and agreeable to a certain degree. A moderate relationship.