Chinese Animal Zodiac Rabbit

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1927 - 1939 - 1951 - 1963 - 1975 - 1987 - 1999 - 2011 - 2023
Ranking order : Fourth 
Hours ruled by the RABBIT : 5 am - 7 am 
Direction of its sign : Directly East 
Season and principal month : Spring - March 
Corresponds to Western sign : Pisces 
Fixed Element : Wood 
Stem : Negative 
I am in tune with the
Pulse of the universe
In my quiet and solitude
I hear the melodies of the soul.
I float above commonplace
Dissent and decay
I subdue by my ability to conform.
I color my word
In delicate pastel hues.
I epitomize harmony and inner peace. 

I am the RABBIT.


shop the crabby nook dot comRABBIT Peace loving, impeccable manners in the pursuit of a good life, intelligent in business with creative mind but sometimes moody and indifferent. You are the kind of person, that people like to be around affectionate, obliging, always pleasant. You have a tendency, though, to get too sentimental and seem superficial. Being cautious and conservative, you are successful in business but would also make a good lawyer, diplomat, or actor.



A person born in the year of the Rabbit possesses one of the most fortunate of the twelve animal signs. The Rabbit, or Hare as he is referred to in Chinese mythology, is the emblem of longevity and is said to derive his essence from the Moon.

When a Westerner gazes at the Moon, he may joke that it is a ball of cheese or tell a child the story of the Man on the Moon. When a Chinese looks at the same Moon, he sees the Moon Hare standing near a rock under a Cassia tree and holding the Elixir of Immortality in his hands.

During the Chinese mid-Autumn festival when the Moon is supposed to be at its loveliest, children in China still carry lighted paper lanterns made in the image of a Rabbit and climb the hills to observe the Moon and admire the Moon Hare.

The Rabbit symbolizes graciousness, good manners, sound counsel, kindness and sensitivity to beauty. His soft speech and graceful and nimble ways embody all the desirable traits of a successful diplomat or seasoned politician.

Likewise, a person born under this sign will lead a tranquil life, enjoying peace, quiet and a congenial environment. He is reserved and artistic and possesses good judgement. His thoroughness will also make him a good scholar. He will shine in the fields of law, politics and government. But he is also inclined to be moody; at such times he appears detached from his environment or indifferent to people. The Rabbit is extremely lucky in business and monetary transactions. Astute at striking bargains, he can always pop up with a suitable proposal or alternative to benefit himself. His sharp business acumen, coupled with his knack for negotiation, will ensure him a fast rise in any career. Although the Rabbit may assume an outer air of indifference to the opinions of others, he actually withers under criticism.

His "rather switch than fight" technique can be deceiving and he can be diabolically cunning when he puts his mind to it. So while the Rabbit person is tender and obliging to his loved ones, he can be superficial and even ruthless in his dealings with outsiders. Suave and self-indulgent, he enjoys his creature comforts and likes to put his own wishes first. It irks him terribly to be inconvenienced for he is a considerate, modest and thoughtful person and he would like others to be the same. He sincerely believes it costs people nothing to be nice to each other and he will always make an effort to be civil, even to his worst enemy. He abhors brawling and any sort of overt animosity.

For all his quiet and misleading docile nature, a Rabbit person possesses a strong will and an almost narcissistic self-assurance. He pursues his objectives with methodical precision but always in an unobtrusive manner. If there is anything he isn't going to be accused of, it is that he is an obvious or thick-skinned person. He won't make waves. The special trait that makes the Rabbit person a formidable negotiator is his inscrutability. It is difficult ever to assess his thoughts correctly.

The Rabbit usually has impeccable manners. He seldom uses harsh words and will never resort to foul language or vulgarism to bring home a point. There is little need to anyway, as he has his own techniques. The Rabbit could hide under this thick cloak of decency to undermine his opponents. His credentials are usually flawless or at least in good order. He will wine and dine you in the best places and cater to your every whim when he is after something. Then, when you have eaten your fill and are puffing away contentedly at that expensive cigar, he will pull out a contract for you to sign. Before you know it, he has cut you off at the knees. He is so deft, you didn't even feel any pain. It was all over with the stroke of a pen. My sympathies are with you, friend. You are just another victim of the incomparable Hare. Now do you understand why Bugs Bunny always gets his carrots in all those cartoon strips? The Rabbit may appear a bit slow or overly deliberate at times, but this is due to his inborn sense of caution and discretion. One can be sure he is going to read the fine print before signing any document. Because of his ability to assess people and situations, the Rabbit can afford to be conceited - which, by the way, he is.

The demure Ms. Rabbit is very considerate and understanding with her friends: a great gal to work with, shop with or just tell stories with. She is delightfully warm and witty and her company is always relaxing. She has a lot of energy for the things she likes to do and can tirelessly track down antique shops and plan a friend's wedding to the last detail. but when she feels she has had enough of all that rigmarole, well, you can expect her to drop whatever she is doing, prop up her dainty feet and go all limp. That is the philosophical part of the Rabbit. Do you know why she can keep so serene with all that frantic action going on? The secret is to know when your batteries need recharging, and no one has a better knowledge of timing on this than the Rabbit.

While everyone is killing himself in a mad rush to get somewhere, the Rabbit knows that the world will still be here tomorrow. So, what's the big hurry? Why don't you sit down, too? She will probably make you a nice cup of tea and help you forget all about that crazy rat race outside. In any situation, you can always rely on the Rabbit to be in control of herself. She will notice the license number of the getaway car or remember that the driver was wearing blue-colored jeans or training shoes. And while you are at the police station filing that report, she will calmly recall all the details and help you answer all those irritating questions.

All in all, the Rabbit is one who really knows how to live. What's more, he or she is more than willing to let live. Not a spoilsport or disciplinarian with an ever-watchful eye, the Rabbit knows when to refrain from criticism. He never likes to embarrass anyone in public. He is adept at the art of saving face, both yours and his, and if there is any way he can spare your feelings, he will.

Have no doubt - he makes mental notes of your mistakes or progress. But if things are not serious beyond redemption, he will good-heartedly let you pass. For this trait, he is well-liked and popular. An advantage of this philosophy is that the Rabbit makes few enemies and thus rarely gets into trouble. People respond by being generous to him and letting him pass, too. No one has a more sympathetic ear to lend you than the Rabbit (except the Sheep) should you need one. But while he is an excellent soother and compassionate listener, he will only take the role of a passive advisor. He is, above all, an intellectual, a realist and pacifist. Do not expect him to go out with all colors flying and do battle for you. That would be asking too much of him. Let's face it, the Rabbit will never elect to trudge up Mount Calvary with you, no matter what great buddies you two claim to be. He'll lend you the money for the lawyer or bail you out of jail if he can afford it, but that's about all. And if you are getting to be too much of a nuisance, you can count on his making a quick and graceful exit from your life. The comely and refined Miss Rabbit will not be adverse to marrying a good old-fashioned millionaire instead of a handsome but penniless swain. The former will provide her with the advantages and luxuries she demands as necessities. Her man must be powerful enough to protect and support her in style, and sensitive enough to politely disappear when she is in a sullen mood and wishes to remain undisturbed.

When given the choice, the Rabbit will vote for the easy and good life every time. He or she will wear top-designer clothing. Cashmere sweaters, pure silk blouses and durable linens and tweeds. A mink or chinchilla carelessly thrown over the shoulder in a calculated air of nonchalance could also identify the elegant Rabbit native. Flashy, geometric or shocking designs offend the Rabbit's sense of conformity and balance.

While gracious to friends and co-workers, the Rabbit person may be somewhat distant from his own family or simply bored by domestic routine and duties. He or she hates too close associations; he will shake off an encroachment on his privacy or clinging parasitic friends with no regret. He can be bureaucratic and hedgy over difficult issues. As he is one who hates binding commitments or overinvolvement, he can also be an expert at passing the buck. Mr. Rabbit is singularly debonair. He moves with grace, charm and gentlemanliness, in spite of the fact that while he was singing your praises, he was also drinking your best wine. Yes, the Rabbit gravitates toward the cream of society and gentlemanly leisure. On second though, the cream of high society could well be made up of poised and genial Hares.

At his best, the Rabbit is admired for his suaveness and intelligence and sought after for his sensible advice. At his worst, he is too imaginative, oversensitive or just acidly indifferent. He avoids coming into contact with human suffering or misery, as though it were some highly contagious disease.

The Rabbit is not at all easy to trap. He can also become very repressive in his predilection for secrecy and privacy. When the Rabbit person feels threatened, his subtle brooding or concealed antagonism could be expressed by the use of subversive tactics. Joseph Stalin and Fidel Castro are Rabbits.

For all his positive qualities, a native of this sign will still value himself above all else. When pushed too far, he will discard anything or anyone who dares upset the calm of his existence. His beliefs are known to be flexible and he has the knack of playing both sides for insurance. Security could be an obsession to the weaker types of this specimen; you rarely find a Rabbit in areas of high risk. This love of ease coupled with distaste for conflict may give the Rabbit a reputation for being weak, opportunistic and self-indulgent. Unlike the Dragon, Dog, Tiger, or Rooster, who all enjoy a hearty fight now and then, and may even thrive on it, the Rabbit has no relish for combat. He was not born to be a warrior. He is more effective working behind the scenes. Do not be concerned about the Rabbit's well-being. He is agile and sagacious and armed with the good sense to keep out of harm's way. Unlike other signs, who may pursue lofty ideals, the Rabbit's main objective in life is simply self-preservation.

The Rabbit year is said to bring peace or at least a respite from conflict or war. Likewise, its native will do everything in his power to restore harmony or he will leave the scene.

The Rabbit person makes a good entertainer and is a wonderful host. Pleasant and warm company, he has a good word to say of everyone. But don't let that fool you. He knows more than he will say and you can easily recognize him by his finesse. He will be the best of friends so long as you take care not to ask too much of him. The well-groomed Rabbit is most compatible with those born in the Sheep year. They will share the same good taste and love of material comforts. Equally well suited will be a relationship with the Dog person or the honest, unimposing Boar native. The Rat, Dragon, Monkey, Ox, Snake and Rabbit will make good secondary matches for him. But he will not be able to tolerate the vanity or criticism of the Rooster, is unimpressed by the dramatics of the Tiger and unappreciative of the quick-tempered and mercurial ways of the Horse.

To sum it up, the Hare simply leaps over obstacles in his path and recovers from calamities with remarkable resilience. No matter how he is tossed, he lands on his feet. He may not be close to his family but will make every effort to provide them with the best of everything. His soft, vulnerable-looking exterior is protected by an armor of cautiousness and sagacity. In life, the Rabbit will avoid being drawn into conflict at any cost, unless, of course, it affects him directly, at which time he will take the appropriate measures to protect his interest.

There is no great inner struggle in the Rabbit's heart between the forces of good and evil. He believes in his own ability to survive, relies on his own judgement and is at peace with himself. His is the sign most apt to find happiness and contentment.



Metal Rabbit - 1891, 1951, 2011, 2071

This type of Rabbit could be sturdier physically and mentally than Rabbits belonging to other elements. He will not be as compromising either. He has unshakable faith in his own powers of observation and deduction and more often than not he is convinced he has the right answer and solutions to this problems. He can assume responsibility admirably well and will displays a good deal of initiative in his work.

Metal matched with his animal sign will make him more preoccupied with his desires, goals and creative urges. He will be more cunning, but his ambitiousness will be carefully concealed with cool logic and intelligence.

A connoisseur par excellence, he will know how to live and will savor the good things life has to offer in a refined way. While he may be indifferent to the opinions of others, he is emotionally and physically moved by good art, music and other forms of beauty. His basic self-assurance and discerning eye will make him an excellent judge of any kind of creative art forms; he may become a collector of great distinction, if he has the means, because of his impeccable taste. Whatever career he chooses he will make his mark early as he is naturally a thorough and devoted worker.

But like all true romantic spirits, this type of Rabbit could be inclined to dark moods, and works well only when he is sufficiently inspired. Ardent in love and with great depth and foresight, still he will allow only a handful of people into the inner sanctum of his life because of his many hidden inhibitions.


Water Rabbit - 1903, 1963, 2023, 2083

This is a meditative type of Rabbit with a fragile and emotional nature. He cannot bear harassment or any other unpleasantness, such as dissent and bickering. Perhaps this is due to the fact that he is too empathic and can pick up the thoughts and feelings of others with uncanny accuracy.

He will possess an excellent memory and may have the kind of mental power that, without his knowing it, transmits his ideas to others. Consequently, he attracts the people he wants, and he may be surprised by the many supporters who really to his defense when he least expects it.

However, he is a subjective soul and his perspective gets distorted by the emotional barriers he sets up. He is not very decisive and in many cases could easily fall in with the dictates of others.

His delicate sensitivity makes him dwell too much on the past and hence he is often reminiscing on long past injuries and indulging in self-pity. In his negative moods, he suspects other's motives, is uncommunicative and over imaginative. In his positive state, he could call upon all the cosmic powers to come to his aid. He is never without friends and influence if he does not carry his neutrality to extremes.


Wood Rabbit - 1915, 1975, 2035, 2095

When Wood is exalted in this lunar sign already governed by Wood, it could produce a generous and especially understanding Rabbit who will be too charitable at times for his own good. No doubt he has real and solid ambitions, but often he is intimidated by authority and may choose to ignore mistakes made in his presence in order to maintain the status quo. As a result, others are tempted to take advantage of his sympathetic and permissive attitude.

However, this type of Rabbit usually works out well. He thrives in large corporations or other institutions where he can slowly and diplomatically climb the ladder of success, one rung at a time. Group effort and togetherness appeal to him and give him the kind of security and reassurance he needs. But because of his innate desire to feel part of the group, he may become a but too bureaucratic and hedge when he has to make a decision that might offend people or set a precedent for a controversial case. In his refusal to meddle or take sides, he may end up hurting everyone, including himself. He should be more discriminating and decisive and take the necessary steps to insulate himself against those who prey on his generous nature. As he is one who is able to bend gracefully without ever breaking, this Rabbit will have no trouble fitting in anywhere he chooses.


Fire Rabbit - 1927, 1987, 2047

Definitely a demonstrative, fun loving and affectionate type of Rabbit. He has more strength of character than the other Rabbits. In spite of Fire making him more temperamental, he is still able to mask his emotions with charm and diplomacy.

His personality is easy and natural. People respond positively to his ideas because he expresses them so well.

Fire may take him prone to emotion and outspoken in expressing his wants. His more capable of leadership than other Rabbits and his rule is tempered with discretion and moderation. Despite his outgoing and progressive ways, he will never approve of outright confrontation with his enemies and will prefer to use subtle plots or deal with go-betweens as natives of his sign are so adept at doing.

This type of Rabbit will have a high level of intuition and even psychic ability. He is intensely aware of changes in his surroundings and easily moved to anger, hurt or disappointment. He could also become terribly neurotic when negative. He requires approval, whole-hearted support and inspiration in order to sparkle


Earth Rabbit - 1879, 1939, 1999, 2059

A serious and steadfast type of Rabbit, he has definite patterns of thought an dis capable of well-calculated moves. he deliberates before giving in to his emotional inclinations. His balanced and rational personality wins him favor in the eyes of his superiors, as does his realistic approach to his goals.

The Earth element makes him more constant and less indulgent, although his constancy will be of a passive sort. His introverted nature causes him to turn inward when beset with problems and he must be in accord with his inner self before he acts. He never hesitates to appropriate whatever resources are available and will use them wisely.

He is materialistic sort of person, and his well-being is his prime concern, making him indifferent to the needs of others when they are not in accordance with his plans. Still, he possesses the humility to acknowledge his shortcomings and will strive to overcome them if he can.



Year of RAT

A good, calm year for the Rabbit, No surprises, no big problems, but not as fruitful as he wishes either. Progress will be steady as no serious opposition is foreseen in his work or home areas. A time to make plans for the future or buy property.


Year of OX

The Rabbit faces a rough and rigorous year. Disappointments, aimless traveling or working without seeing the desired results. He could have health problems caused mainly by too much anxiety. Departure or separation from a loved one. Not a time for the Rabbit to contemplate changes in his environment. Plans take longer to develop than he expects.


Year of TIGER

A year in which the Rabbit must be extra careful and diplomatic, as he has the tendency to get drawn into conflicts. Lawsuits or disputes arising from unreasonable demands made upon him are prevalent at this time and it would be best if he is cautious about money or the signing of important documents. Otherwise, he will get by without too much hardship and could make some gains toward the end of the year.


Year of RABBIT

A very auspicious year for the Rabbit native. Promotions, career advancement or financial success can be foreseen for him and he will reap unexpected benefits or recover lost funds. His plans are easily executed and there may be happy tidings at home or celebrations at the arrival or homecoming of new or old members of the family.

Year of DRAGON

The Rabbit can expect a moderately happy but busy time at home and in his career this year. Things may be mixed or mediocre money-wise, but the Rabbit will still find it easy to be congenial and contend as his overall gains will exceed his losses. He may make powerful new friends who will prove useful.


Year of SNAKE

Not much tangible progress for the Rabbit during this year. He may have to travel or be faced with difficulties from several directions. A change of residence or career is also indicated as he tries to consolidate or better his current position. He could also find less time to spend with his family or be faced with many unplanned expenses.


Year of HORSE

A good year in store for the Rabbit, as his luck will come from meeting helpful people who will be happy to use their influence for his benefit. The Rabbit will not experience any big upheaval or illness this year and thus be able to recoup previous losses. He may have much traveling or entertaining to do.


Year of SHEEP

An excellent year for the Rabbit. Many wonderful achievements can be accomplished and his plans progress smoothly. A prosperous year for him but he must pay strict attention to details or he may have trouble later on about a settlement. No large problems at home or work.


Year of MONKEY

A fair year for the Rabbit provided he is not too optimistic. Financial deals or contracts may meet with unexpected snags or fail to materialize due to the betrayal of a trusted ally. His family life remains calm but he could experience several minor illnesses that impede his progress.



A difficult year for the Rabbit, as he finds money dwindling away and meets setbacks that cause extra expense. A time for him to merge with others and let them carry him trough. He should be conservative this year and not act independently. Problems and obstacles at home and at work will be overcome, but not before they cause him a lot of frustrations.


Year of DOG

A smooth year foreseen, for the Rabbit. He will make some gains and straighten out past problems. He finds time for recreation and will have no family troubles. Career-wise, he may be criticised by superiors or hampered in some way by other associates.


Year of BOAR

A mixed time for the Rabbit. Things look brighter than they actually are and he must be very realistic and avoid making promises or handing out guarantees. Unlikely difficulties have a tendency of cropping up this year so he must not be overconfident and must take every precaution to protect his interests.




Mutual respect and some areas of common interest. No conflict. Compatible to a good degree. Will work together amicably.



Congenial and acceptable relations. Will cooperate but not to a large extent. Both sides have reservations.



Hostility and misunderstanding. Unable to trust or communicate with each other. Should avoid contact at best.



Mutual aid an no struggle for dominance. No breaks in communications. Will work together peacefully.



Have common grounds of interest. May have some personality clashes but will strive to settle differences.



Workable relationship. Will tolerate other to achieve mutual aims. No deep attraction or strong bonds.



Animosity and strong conflicts. Cannot relate to each other. Have nothing much in common. Uncooperative relations.



One of the best matches. Mutual love and understanding. Have much in common. Successful and prosperous union.



Petty differences and rivalry. Moderate relationship. Will tolerate to a certain extent. Cannot achieve complete trust.



Bitter conflicts and dissent. Cannot even agree on the weather. Clashes and struggles for dominance. Highly incompatible.



Very compatible and rewarding union. Deep trust and understanding for one another. Will find prosperity and happiness.



Compatible to a good degree. Have mutual interest at heart. Sympathetic to each other's vibrations.