Attract Colorful Birds to Your Garden

bird watching from your window at the crabby nook



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Bird Watching from your Deck or Patio all Year

Our small cast iron bird feeders are perfect in the spring or winter to place on a covered deck or patio so the seed is not buried during snowfalls or storms. Placing the feeders closer to the house will be effective and will help keep the birds visible for indoor birdwatching. Try to place the feeder no more than five feet away from a window or glass to help the birds avoid the glass.  These feeders are for use all year long. We talk about spring and winter because that is when a lot of people are more confined to their homes and like to bird watch colorful birds while being inside. We have found that if you feed birds all year round you will attract more birds to your feeders.

Feeders will need to be cleaned and sterilized regularly. Proper cleaning will minimize mold, mildew and other unhealthy conditions that could foster disease among backyard bird populations. When cleaning, discard soggy seed or seed encased in ice, and let the feeder dry before refilling if possible.

The kinds of food to offer birds in the winter are high in fat or oil content. Nutritious winter foods for birds include: dried fruits and berries, black oil sunflower seeds, peanut hearts, thistle seed, suet, peanut butter, white millet seed. Be sure to have water available for the birds and they will return time again and again.


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Caring for your Feeder

Our feeders have been painted in a brown patina to keep them from rusting quickly.  But, please remember, cast iron rusts when sitting outside in the elements.  We recommend that you clean the feeder when it is wet and wiping it dry.  This will help the patina last longer.  When it starts to rust, you can spray paint it with an outdoor rust preventing paint like you do for your metal furniture.