Chinese Animal Zodiac Snake

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1929 - 1941 - 1953 - 1965 - 1977 - 1989 - 2001 - 2013 - 2025
Ranking order : Sixth 
Hours ruled by the SNAKE : 9 am - 11 am 
Direction of its sign : South - Southeast 
Season and principal month : Spring - May 
Corresponds to Western sign : Taurus 
Fixed Element : Fire 
Stem : Negative 
Mine is the wisdom of the ages.
I hold the key to the mysteries of life.
Casting my seeds on fertile ground
I nurture them with constancy and purpose.
My sights are fixed.
My gaze unchanging.
Unyielding, inexorable and deep
I advance with steady, un-slackened gait,
The solid earth beneath me.

I am the SNAKE.


ebay/sp_zodiac/z_snake.gifSNAKE Philosophical, wise, calm and understanding, though often fickle or self-indulgent. Elegant to the point of being ostentatious. Can behave selfishly if crossed. A Snake lady is also charming in personality and elegant in dress. She is receptive and a deep thinker and likes to judge by intuition. She is fortunate in wealth through her life.

Rich in wisdom and charm, you are romantic and deep thinking and your intuition guides you strongly. Avoid procrastination and your stingy attitude towards money. Keep your sense of humor about life. The Snake would be most content as a teacher, philosopher, writer, psychiatrist, and fortune teller.



Philosopher, theologian, political wizard, wily financier-the Snake person is the deepest thinker and enigma of the Chinese cycle. He is endowed with an inborn wisdom of his very own; a mystic in his own right. Graceful and soft-spoken, he loves good books, good, music, the theater; he will gravitate toward all the finer things in life. The most beautiful women and powerful men tend to be born under this sign. So if you are one of the Snake people, you are in good company.

A person of this sign generally relies on his own judgment and does not communicate well with others. He can be deeply religious or psychic, or on the other hand, totally hedonistic. Either way, he trusts his own vibrations rather than outside advice. More often than not--he will be right!

Like the Dragon, the Snake is a Karmic sign. His life ends it triumph or tragedy as his past actions dictate. And although, he will deny it, he is very superstitious behind his sophisticated front. People born under other signs may defer payment to the next life (if one so chooses to believe), but the Snake seems destined to pay his dues before he leaves. Perhaps this is also of his own choosing, as a person born under this sign is unusually intense and will seek to settle scores, consciously or unconsciously, in everything he does. A native of the Snake year is not likely to be bothered by money problems. He is fortunate to have what he needs. Should funds be low, he is extremely well-equipped to remedy the situation. However, a Snake person should not gamble; he will come out poorer in the end. In the event that he does suffer sizable losses, it probably will not happen a second time; the Snake learns fast. He can recoup with amazing speed and as a rule is prudent and shrewd in business.

A Snake who experiences poverty or extreme deprivation in his youth may never get over it. He could then be fanatical about accumulating wealth and turn into a covetous and miserly man.

By nature, the Snake person is a skeptical being, but unlike the Tiger, he tends to keep his suspicions to himself. He treasures his privacy and will have many a dark secret locked up within him.

Elegant in speech, dress and manners, the Snake person does not like indulging in useless small talk or frivolities. He can be quite generous with money, but is known to be ruthless when he wants to attain an important objective. He has no qualms about eliminating anyone who stands in his way. Some Snakes may have a slow or lazy way of speaking but this does not reflect in any. way their speed of deduction or action. It's just that they like to ponder things; to assess and formulate their views properly. Generally speaking, Snakes tend to be very careful about what they say.

It is never safe to draw a line and predict that this is how far the Snake will go. His computer-like brain never stops plotting and he can be viciously unrelenting. Remember, he is one of the most tenacious signs of the Chinese zodiac.

In his relationships with others, he is possessives and very demanding. And yet at the same time, he views his associates with a certain distrust. He will never forgive anyone who breaks a promise. He is also prone to being neurotic, even paranoid where his pet fears and suspicions are concerned.

When the Snake's anger is roused, his hatred can be limitless. His antagonism is silent and deep-rooted. An icy hostility will express his displeasure instead of a volley of hot words. The more lethal types will like to crush their enemies totally. There is no foretelling the Snake's movements. His mind is. calculation itself and he has the staying power to wait until the time is ripe for his revenge. For those luckless souls who incur his wrath, self-exile to Siberia may not seem like such a bad prospect.

The Snake lady is the original femme fatale. Her cool, serene and classic beauty will mesmerize people. She is confident and collected and although she oftentimes tolls around, giving the impression of indolence and love of ease, she is far from slothful. Her brain is never at rest.

Despite being finely tuned and high strung by nature, Snake people of both sexes are characterized by beautiful complexions. The Snake-born is usually not ridden with pimples or blemishes even when he or she does not give particular care to their skin., it seems that tension tends to affect the Snake's digestive and nervous systems more than his epidermis. Underneath their flawless good looks, a good many of these natives succumb easily to stomach ulcers or nervous breakdowns from containing all that stress internally.

Ms. Snake will opt for well-cut clothes, fluid and classical in design. She loves jewelry and chooses her accessories with care. If she can afford it, she wilt buy the real thing diamonds, pearls1 emeralds and rubies of the best quality. Besides being beautiful baubles, jewels are an excellent form ,of investment. No cheap gold plating or imitations for her, please. She is definitely not a peasant and she would rather go without if she cannot have the real thing. You won't find her decked out in worthless junk.

Her standard for a mate will be similarly high. She admires power and the influence money can bring. When she cannot wield it herself, then the next best thing is to marry it. At any rate, no matter how rich or powerful her man is, she will be his biggest asset once they are married. And should he not have made the grade yet, but has the potential, then the Snake wife will move heaven and earth to make him successful. She will dress the part, play the perfect hostess, while shrewdly pointing out every opportunity to him along the way. With such guidance, dedication and support, there won't be anywhere for him to go but up.

The philosophical Snake woman is never too concerned about the equality of the sexes. You don't find her agonizing over women's rights. Why should she compete when she can so easily entice men to do her bidding? (While allowing them to think it was their idea.) Her legion of male admirers will fall over each other carrying her suitcases, opening doors, lighting her cigarettes, etc.

So you can't blame her if she seems a bit puzzled by all the fuss made over equal rights for men and women. She has always had the secret notion that girls were born superior, although she has never been so stupid as to spill the beans to those unsuspecting squires that court her so lavishly. Why spoil a perfectly workable arrangement? She will humor the guys so long as they give in to her wishes.

Contrary to common belief, Ms. Snake is not always a raving beauty. If you take her feature by feature you will find she has some flaws too. Her nose may be too large or her eyes set too close. No, with her it's the total effect that counts. She has her own formula and when she puts it all together -- its magic!

See the girl in the striking black number with the diamond brooch pinned strategically on her bosom? Nine out of ten times, she will be a Snake. This lady loves expensive perfume, too, another subtle but effective ploy that is part of the game. But she knows how to use such dynamite sparingly. Just a touch of it here and there. Enough to give her that clinging aura that makes her so alluring and irresistible.

All Snakes have a sense of humor. Of course, they may have different brands. Some prefer to be dry, others sardonic, scintillating, or even diabolical at times Nonetheless, it's there. The best time to observe this is when he or she is under duress. In a crisis, the Snake can still crack a joke to lighten the atmosphere. Even when he is weighed down by enormous troubles, the Snake-born will not lose that twinkle.

Orientals sometimes regard the Snake as a supernatural~ creature with a touch of the sinister. This is because he lives for such a long time and renews himself by shedding his skin for a new one each time he outgrows it. This particular trait symbolizes his ability to be reborn and to emerge from conflict with restored vigor. By now, you must gather that it will be no mean task dealing with the Snake. What makes it even more tricky is the fact that under all that serenity he is always on guard His outward calm never betrays his true feelings. He knows and plans his moves well in advance. He has willpower and will maintain his position to the bitter end. He can be very evasive and elusive when he chooses and just when you think you have got a grip on him -- he wriggles free. Needless to say, he makes the perfect politician He can negotiate anything under the sun when he puts his mind to it. The Chinese believe that a Snake born in the Spring and Summer will be among the most deadly of the lot. Winter Snakes are quiet and docile, as this is the time they hibernate. A Snake born during a hot day will be happier and more contented than one born during bad weather.

Snake people are passionate lovers; they are also reputed to have roving eyes Actually this is a false reputation which they have acquired because they are always sensual about anything they undertake He or she may exhibit the same fervent ardor in chasing a much coveted business deal as in winning the affections of his or her latest heart throb.

Snake people usually lead dangerous lives full of excitement and intrigue especially those Snakes who have an insatiable lust for power and- the limelight.

The best partners for the Snake will be the dependable Ox the dauntless Rooster or the illustrious Dragon. He could do well teaming up with the Rat, Rabbit, Sheep and Dog, too.

But the Snake should steer clear of. the defiant Tiger, who may not appreciate his discerning ways The impulsive and equally demanding Horse will make only a mediocre match while the clever Monkey may challenge the Snake with his own brand of cunning Two snakes could cohabitate peacefully The Boar and the Snake will not find much in common the snake is sleek and sophisticated the boar too honest and mundane They have entirely opposite compositions.

In times of confusion and trouble, the Snake person is a pillar of strength because he maintains his presence of mind. The Snake can deal with bad news and misfortune with great aplomb. He has a profound sense of responsibility and an unsinkable constancy of purpose It will be this constancy of purpose coupled with his natural hypnotic charisma that could carry him to the highest realms of power.




Metal Snake - 1881, 1941, 2001, 2061

This type of Snake will be gifted with a calculating, intelligent mind and forceful willpower. Armed with discriminating tastes and a keen eye for locating opportunity, this Snake person can be a scheming loner. He likes to move quickly and quietly. He will establish himself in a solid position before you have a chance to stop him.

Metal combined with his native sign will make him crave luxury and easy living. Thus, he will devote himself to the pursuit of wealth and power. His vision is clear and farsighted and he will aspire to the best of everything.

The Metal Snake is also by far the most secretive, evasive and overconfident. Consequently, he often suspects others of hidden motives -- sometimes to the point of paranoia.

In spite of his ability to wield power and influence, this Snake will have an envious streak in him and will try constantly to outdo the opposition, either by fair means or foul. He finds it hard to ever accept defeat or failure.

Possessive, domineering and, at times, strangely uncommunicative, he will mark out his path early in life and stick to it with dedication. He can be generous and cooperative with others, but always in a guarded sort of way.


Water Snake - 1893, 1953, 2013, 2073

Just as water seeps through practically any barrier, so will a Snake born in its year wield encompassing influence through his profound insight.

This unassailable Snake is gifted with strong charisma and an inquisitive nature. Shrewd, business-minded and materialistic, the Water Snake possesses great mental abilities and powers of concentration. He can block out distraction, and brush aside unimportant issues for effective overall planning. He never loses sight of his goals or gets out of touch with reality.

Artistic and well-read, the intellectual Water Snake is also practical. He is adept at managing people as well as finances. While he may assume an unperturbed appearance, in actuality this particular Snake person has a long memory and harbors lifetime grudges. He could have the patience of Job combined with the bite of a King Cobra.


Wood Snake - 1905, 1965, 2025, 2085

An earnest Snake with kindly wisdom and a prophetic understanding of what is going to prevail in the course of events, especially in history.

He has a need for complete intellectual freedom but in his affections he will be constant and enduring. He seeks emotional stability as well as financial security. This type of Snake will express himself well and could be an eloquent speaker.

The Wood element in conjunction with his fixed element of positive Fire will make him very interesting. He will shine like a beacon light, attracting instead of pursuing the objects and people he desires.

He will have expensive habits and could be vain about his personal appearance. Because he craves admiration and public approval, he will do his utmost to achieve lasting and large-scale success.

The Wood Snake is well-informed but he gathers knowledge not for its own sake but to put such information to everyday use. Good judgment, discretion and a sharp sense of values will make him a superb investor and appreciator of the fine things in life. Here is an amenable Snake who will be very close to art, music, the theater and the beauty of the Earth.


Fire Snake - 1857, 1917, 1977, 2037

An intense and masterful snake. Active in mind and body, he performs energetically. Fire added to the already imposing Snake personality can give him great public appeal and charisma. He exudes confidence and the ability to lead. People will vote for this type of person if he chooses to go into politics.

Although he may hold open forums to solicit or assess the views of the majority, the Fire Snake is terribly suspicious by nature and has total faith only in himself. He is too quick to censure and to condemn. Sometimes he insulates himself with a close circle of friends and advisors, thereby isolating himself without knowing it. His strong, almost maniacal desire for fame, money and power will make him insist on concrete results. Persevering and uncompromising, he sets his sights on the highest goals and once he gets to the top, he will cling to power indefinitely.

The Fire Snake is the most sensual, fervent and jealous kind of Snake. He will display excessive love or hate and be very preoccupied with himself.


Earth Snake - 1869, 1929, 1989, 2049

The warm and spontaneous variety of Snake who will form slow but correct opinions of people. More principled, persistent and reliable, the Earth Snake will be able to communicate with the public and function effectively in group activities.

Armed with a peripheral vision and basic Snake ambition, he can take control and bridge gaps during times of confusion and panic. He or she will not be easy to intimidate and may refuse to be influenced by the crow. This snake reserves the right to pass his own judgment.

By and large, this will be the most graceful and enchanting of all the Snakes. Cool, collected and immensely charming, he will be loyal to friends and have an army of supporters.

Conservative and frugal with money, the hard-working and systematic Earth Snake will succeed in banking, insurance and real estate investments and can reconcile his needs with his resources. Here is a Snake who knows his limits and who will be careful not to overextend himself.



Year of RAT

A year of activity for the Snake. New outlooks and opportunities present themselves. The Snake will make some advancement in career. This will also be a year for dramatic events, both good and bad. His financial gains will balance out his losses and his problems will be solved by goodwill. A time in which he should neither lend nor borrow money.


Year of OX

A moderate year. The Snake can expect people to challenge his decisions this year and some obstacles or financial miscalculations are bound to occur in spite of his inborn cautiousness and intuition. A time to take things in stride and not complicate matters by being obstinate.


Year of TIGER

A year of small but numerous irritations. The Snake may be easily drawn into conflicts not of his own making and will find it hard to pleas those who surround him at home or at work. He must keep his sense of humor and not indulge in senseless acts of revenge. This way he will receive the help he seeks and avoid major upheavals.


Year of RABBIT

A fairly happy year for the Snake although many commitments keep him very busy. A year of not being able to spend enough time with those he likes because of fulfilling other promises. Money comes and goes easily.

Year of DRAGON

A difficult year in store for the Snake. No sizable gains can be expected in business or career. He must beware of malicious gossip and jealous associates. The worst of his troubles will be over by summer and the cold weather should bring some welcome news. A year to avoid extravagances and hold on to his money.


Year of SNAKE

A fair year for the Snake although he may feel that his achievements are not up to expectations. It is a year for him to bide his time and not make sudden changes. Patience and a cool head are essential if he is to keep himself out of trouble. Business misunderstanding, romantic problems or a slight injury to the body are foreseen. His gains are modest but he is going to be more concerned with securing his position or retaining control.


Year of HORSE

An energetic time for the Snake native. He must refrain from being emotional and hasty if he wants all his hopes to be fulfilled. Unsettled problems and worries after his health. All in all, he will succeed admirably this year. His troubles are temporary.


Year of SHEEP

A protected year for the Snake. No great gains but neither are there any sizable losses to be expected. Life could be calm and leisurely if he takes advantage of this time to cultivate influential friends who will benefit him greatly later on. Some sad news or minor inconveniences at home.


Year of MONKEY

A good year as the Snake will find help when he needs it most. He may still be involuntarily drawn into disputes but things will burn themselves out if he does not add fuel to the fire. Still, these adverse conditions may cause undue anxiety. A year to remain conservative or neutral.



A very auspicious year. The Snake's achievements can be fantastic as he will receive the recognition or promotion he deserves. He will be rewarded for his patience and past perseverance. Profits or some big increase in income can also be expected. Home life is pleasant as the Snake reaps the fruits of his labors.


Year of DOG

Good opportunities present themselves to the Snake. An excellent time to launch new ideas although he may have minor health problems or be the victim of a small robbery. A fine time for the Snake to travel or entertain.


Year of BOAR

A hectic and mixed year. The Snake will have to exert maximum energy for minimum gains. He may suffer financial mishaps caused by poor judgement, a problem with the law or separation from someone close to him. A time to look before he leaps.




A good degree of attraction. Will cooperate successfully to achieve common goal. Satisfactory relationship possible.



Good match. Will understand each other and relate extremely well. Could form profitable and lasting ties.



Conflicts and ill feeling. Mutually suspicious of each other. Cannot relate to one another. Indifferent or unsympathetic at best.



Civil and congenial ties. Will work together to accomplish mutual goals. No special attraction but no animosities.



Sympathetic to each other. Will cooperate successfully. A compatible and fruitful union resulting in mutual benefits.



Good understanding of each other's nature. Could form strong bonds if they have areas of common interest. No clashes.



Some conflicts and confrontations. Have difficulty in seeing eye to eye. Unlikely to have much in common. Cold or distant relations.



Cordial and moderate relationship. Compatible to a reasonable extent. No underlying conflicts. Will combine efforts when feasible.



Not very compatible. Cannot understand or communicate with each other. Clashes and conflicts if there is lack of trust or good will. Gains must be very large for them to cooperate.



Excellent match for marriage and business relations. Can trust and understand each other very well. Highly compatible and successful team.



Mutual respect and some area of common interest. No large conflicts. Compatible to a good degree. Will cooperate amicably.



Cannot relate or understand each other. Deeply or lasting conflicts. Cannot bridge communication gaps or settle their differences amicably.