Placement and maintenance of your bird bath

A good location for your bird bath should meet as many of the following criteria as possible:

  1. Area already frequented by birds.  Often this is near a bird feeder, but do not position the bird bath too close to the feeder as seeds and hulls will fall into the bath.
  2. Easily viewed from a location where you frequently sit to watch birds.  A good distance away from your house or porch is about 20-40 feet.
  3. To the east or north of your observation point.  This will put the sun at your back for afternoon viewing.
  4. Near trees and shrubs for cover and under a small tree.
  5. Relatively level area (this makes installation easier).
  6. Avoid dense ground cover which can hide a cat.

It is preferable to operate a dripper on a daily basis because this provides the birds with a dependable supply of cool fresh water and also keeps the bird bath full.  A battery operated water timer is very helpful in establishing a regular on-off schedule which the birds become accustomed to, and which conserves water.  Water timers can be purchased from most local garden centers, hardware stores or discount stores.  With a timer, we often observe the birds gathering around the bath about 15 minutes before the timer is scheduled to come on.  Mid to late afternoon seems to be a favorite bathing time.

We recommend that you empty, rinse and refill the bath at least weekly or more often when it is used frequently.  You can use a garden hose to flush out the dirty water without having to lift the bath.

Algae growth can be minimized by locating the bath in at least some shade.  If algae grows on the bath it can usually be removed with a jet of water from a garden hose.  Stubborn algae can also be removed with diluted bleach.  Add 1/4 cup of household bleach to a full bath, stir with a stick, let sit 5 minutes and then pour out on the ground away from any plants.  Rinse thoroughly and refill the bath.

Most outdoor faucets are designed to drain when nothing is connected to them to prevent freeze damage during the winter.  We also recommend you bring dripper tubes and needle valves inside.  Run fresh water through the tubing before reconnecting the needle valve.  Most bird baths can be used with any bird bath de-icer, we recommend that you store the bath inside until spring.  Repeated freeze-thaw cycles can eventually initiate cracks.


Granite Bird Bath


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This year The Crabby Nook had hand carved granite birdbaths made for the serious gardener.  It sits on the ground and is the perfect statuary stone bath to strategically place in your garden among your plants and bushes to blend in with nature and protect your birds from predators.  

  • The birdbath has a bamboo design along the scalloped sides.
  • Birds enjoy sitting on the spacious rim while playing in a shallow puddle.

Although birds mostly enjoy playing in shallow baths some gardeners prefer a deeper bird bath.  

  • Due to being hand crafted, these stone bird baths vary in sizes and depths.  Most of the bowls measure between 1.5 to 2" in depth.  It is possible for you to make the bowl up to one inch [1"] deeper if you desire with a stone cutting tool.

We currently offer this bird bath in four colors:  Black Gray, White Gray, Southwestern Pink and Tan.