Small Cultural Nativity Scene Seasonal Decoration Nativities Around the World (African 1)

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Nativities from Around the World

These charming nativities are molded and hand painted to reflect the culture of a distinct community. Figures are affixed to base.


  • Some times traveling in an ocean freight container the glue weakens and the figures become loose. If your figures come loose, you can re-attach the figures with Elmer's glue.


MEASUREMENTS: Approximately 2.5" Height x 3.75" Width x 2.25" Depth.


We understand that not every culture represented in this collection has a nativity in their religion. We know there are a lot of mixed religion families and we think this is what a nativity would look like if they had one. We think it is a nice gesture for the Christian side of the family to offer a nativity to the non-Christian side of the family to include them in their celebration. You decide.

Celebrate Our Differences


  • Collect one of each to reflect your Christmas Around the World theme.


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