Small Cultural Nativity Scene Seasonal Decoration Nativities Around the World (American Indian Nativity)

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Please NOTE: This nativity is a NON-Native American craft. It was not made by any Native American tribe. This Nativity was made by a Fair Trade Company in Peru to honor Native Americans. We spoke with several Native Americans before manufacturing this nativity to ask if it offended them in any way. The response was that they felt it was an honor to their ethnic culture.


Nativities from Around the World

These charming nativities are molded and hand painted to reflect the culture of a distinct community. Figures are affixed to base.


  • Some times traveling in an ocean freight container the glue weakens and the figures become loose. If your figures come loose, you can re-attach the figures with Elmer's glue.


MEASUREMENTS: Approximately 2.5" Height x 3.75" Width x 2.25" Depth.


We understand that not every culture represented in this collection has a nativity in their religion. We know there are a lot of mixed religion families and we think this is what a nativity would look like if they had one. We think it is a nice gesture for the Christian side of the family to offer a nativity to the non-Christian side of the family to include them in their celebration. You decide.

Celebrate Our Differences


  • Collect one of each to reflect your Christmas Around the World theme.


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