Reindeer Figurine Ornament 24k Gold Plated Spectra Crystals by Swarovski

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  • Reindeer figurine is 24K Gold plated accented with Spectra Crystals by Swarovski.
  • Perfect size to sit on your desk


The symbolic meaning of the deer:  

  • To the Chinese, the deer is a very popular symbol associated with speed, endurance and a long life.
  • The word for 'deer' in Chinese is lu, which sounds similar to another word that means good income and prosperity. It is thus extremely auspicious to have the image of the deer in your office and home.
  • Display a figurine or painting of the deer in your workplace to symbolize the wish for the company to prosper and grow or place it in your home so that your family will enjoy a long life of ease and growing prosperity.






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