Winter is Here! Bird Watching from Your Window!

Winter is Here! Bird Watching from Your Window!

The Crabby Nook on 1st Jan 2022

Winter has finally arrived! Well, here in Kansas City anyway. We have had a very warm winter up until today, January 1st. I don't know about you, but, I have  been negligent in feeding my winter birds because of the warm weather. Today, driving home from our New Year's Eve celebration in the snow and ice, I saw clusters of birds trying to find food to eat. It makes me feel bad that I have been remiss in feeding my non-migratory song birds. 

I am in my older years and retired from my first career before I started my small business, The Crabby Nook. I know how it feels to downsize from my "Prime of my Life" large home to a smaller home. At our larger home we had numerous gardens and bird feeding stations. I have always loved watching birds. So it is not surprising that I would sell products to feed birds and focus on bird watching. Living in a smaller space I found that you have to encourage and draw birds to your location so that you can continue to watch them in your later years. I don't like getting out into snow, rain, or, ice weather at my age...and I don't have to! The benefits of being older. However, when you have downsized, or just live in a smaller area, or new area, you can still continue bird watching from inside your home.

Even if you just have a small balcony, deck or patio, you can still attract songbirds and enjoy bird watching. If you have an older relative or friend, one of the best joys you can bring to them is a gift for them to feed and watch birds. 


Our small bird feeders are made of cast iron. They are heavy and will not blow over or away easily. 

  • Cast Iron rusts when outside in the elements. It is natural for cast iron to rust. We recommend that you wipe these dry between refills. Just like you learned in high school chemistry class ... FE will rust.
  • We do NOT recommend that this bird feeder be used as a bird bath.
  • To keep your cast iron bird feeder from rusting, we recommend that you paint it with an outdoor paint like rustoleum, or,
  • Spray with a clear coat before setting it outside and at least yearly.

Check out our small cast iron bird feeders! They are durable and will last a long time. We have several of these feeders on our patio that we have had for over five years and they continue to bring us joy. Share the joy!

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Feeder recipes for songbirds: