Let's Talk About Color

Let's Talk About Color

The Crabby Nook on 31st Mar 2021

Let's talk about color for a minute. Studies have shown that color effects people in many ways. Businesses consult with color advisors all the time. Color is used in the practice of Feng Shui, your horoscope, relationships, etc in addition to just business. Many people are afraid of color and decorate their homes in a world of bland beige. But what does beige inspire? This is a huge topic on its own and for another time. I want to know how color makes you feel when you visit a website, or, see an advertisement/commercial. Do you want your business to project trustworthiness, creativity, or, warm vs cool, or, energetic vs calm? Or what types of businesses are you drawn to because of the colors they use in their logos or website?

Project - "...consists of a temporary endeavor undertaken to create a unique product, service or result." [The keyword to this definition is result.]

There are many articles about this subject that you can Google for in depth information if you want. I am pasting a section from one article that will help you understand how color effects people:

Green: Seeing the color green has been linked to more creative thinking—so greens are good options for home offices, art studios, etc.

Red: People seeing others in front of red backgrounds generally find those other individuals are more attractive than when they see them silhouetted against other colors, so reds are great for a bedroom wall. Having a red surface in view also gives us a burst of strength, so reds are good choices for home gym areas, etc. Seeing red has been linked to impaired analytical reasoning, though, making it a bad option for offices.

Violet: People link a grayish violet with sophistication, so it can be a good selection for places where you’re trying to make the “right” impression.

Yellow: Using yellow in a home can be problematic. Many people dislike the color, so if you have a lot of yellow rooms in your home or a yellow front door, you may be advised to repaint to get the best price for your home should you sell. An exception: Many people use yellow in kitchens—with no negative sales repercussions. Yellow may be accepted in kitchens because warm colors stimulate our appetite.

Blue: People are more likely to tell you that blue is their favorite color than any other shade. That makes it a safe choice. Seeing blue also brings thoughts of trustworthiness to mind; always a good thing.

My goal is to determine what colors I want to use in my video ads that will draw customers to seek more information about my product and sale event. Would you be attracted by bold reds, bright neon colors, subdued blues and greens or pastel colors used in the ad to click on it?

Which color combination are you attracted/drawn to in the graphic? Can you explain why you are attracted to that particular color combo?

Would you be interested in knowing more about how color effects your buyers or draws buyers to your ads or listings?