It's Spring! Time to get outdoors! at The Crabby Nook

It's Spring! Time to get outdoors! at The Crabby Nook

by The Crabby Nook on 27th Apr 2014

It's Spring! Time to get outdoors! at The Crabby Nook

This has been the craziest winter weather ever! Do you agree? I am so done with winter. Here is my plan....
1 - I am going to start planning how to attract more birds to my bird garden;
2 - I am planning to build a new pathway to my patio with solar lighting;
3 - I want a new small fountain on my deck that will emit the sounds of a small waterfall to listen to; and,
4 - I want to re-decorate or design my patio, pathways and gardens.

I can tell you right now that people have been getting their gardens ready. We are almost out of our Spring inventory and many things we are unable to get more of.  So the time to get your outdoor living space ready for warmer weather is now.

Attracting More Birds to Your Bird Garden

First, you want to make sure that you have protection for the birds coming to visit you from other predator birds and animals. These include:

  • Lower trees,
  • Bushes,
  • Rock Walls, and,
  • Covered sitting areas.

Next, one of the most important elements to attracting birds to your garden is seed and bird feeders. The better quality of your seed, the more colorful birds you will attract. It is very important that you feed all year long and keep the feeders full so the birds will come to expect to find seed when they get there. You need to check it everyday. It is especially important to do this in bad weather when it is difficult for them to find food.

We keep several different types of feeders that will accommodate different sizes of birds. We are currently out of the bird feeders on a pole that you can secure in the ground. But, most hardware stores and chain stores carry a variety to choose from. These will last several years. We think it is worth it to invest in a better quality pole and house that will hold up to the weather elements for many years.

One of our newest bird feeders this year will add color and happiness to your yard. Just looking at the bright color brings a smile to your face.

Eco Egg Shaped Bamboo Bird Feeders are Natural Moisture Resistant

These are the coolest bird feeders I have seen in a while!

Made out of bamboo, natural binding agents and vegetable dyes. 100% biodegradeable: 4-5 years of use.

  • Galvanized hanging cable and galvanized screen at the bottom allow easy draining.
  • The dome is multi-funtional:
  • Squirrel deterrent
  • Protects the seeds from the elements, and
  • Deters undesirable birds by minimizing the landing height.
  • The diameter of the tray is 2" deep and will accommodate a virtually endless variety of bird foods.

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Another area I really like to have bird feeders is hanging on my deck. My office looks outside to our patio which is located under the deck. I have a lot of birds visit this area because it provides them with protection. I thoroughly enjoy watching all the colorful birds resting outside my window.

I know that many of us have tried the suet type bird seed for small areas or a patio to reduce the mess. What we have found was that the seed cakes were dry and hard and when the birds started eating off of it, the seeds would fall on the patio. We think we have found a solution to reduce the mess!

We are now offering gelatin and collagen based gourmet bird seed cakes! They are stuffed with fruits, seeds and nuts that all of the colorful and songbirds are highly attracted to!

These can be placed inside a large suet type basket feeder. We are out of the Nuts and Bugs cake at this time but they should be here next week! We will keep you posted when these are back in stock! All of these cakes measure 6.25" Length x 2" Width x 7.25" Height.

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Woodpecker Feast Large Block 28 oz

  • Contains the nuts and fruit that your woodpeckers love!
  • Includes Pecans, peanuts, raisins, Black Oil Sunflower and Gelatin.
  • For suet style feeders. Fits the XL NeatFeeder.

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NutCake XL Large Block 28 oz Bird Feed

  • Loved by Cardinals, Chickadees, Nuthatches, Wrens, Finches, Titmice, Woodpeckers, Warblers and MORE!
  • Includes Pecans, Black Oil Sunflower, Sunflower Hearts, White Millet, Collagen and Gelatin.
  • For suet style feeders. Fits the XL NeatFeeder.

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Another HUGE attractor of birds to your garden is WATER! Birds are especially attracted to moving water. We recommend that you add a dripper or small fountain to your bird baths. You will be amazed how many birds will be attracted to your bird baths with moving water. When you have a bird bath with higher sides or made or a slick material, we recommend that you place a river rock on the bottom to give the birds a place to stand closer to the water.

Please remember your birds are desperately seeking water during the hot summer months and the freezing cold weather. Birds will guarantee to return again and again to your bird haven if they know they will always find water.

Okay now that we have successfully made you start thinking about your Spring Outdoor Living plans, we are going to stop here and go add more spring products for you in our store. 

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