It is Time To Start Setting Out Your Bird Houses!

It is Time To Start Setting Out Your Bird Houses!

The Crabby Nook on 3rd Feb 2022

If you are still in the mode of attracting colorful songbirds to your garden, did you know that nesting birds start looking for a birdhouse in February and March? Many wild bird gardeners will clean their bird houses this month to get them ready for new bird nesting families.  We recommend that you start setting out your birdhouses now.

And, if you want to set out nest making materials to help them build quality nests, set out  wire holders with cat fur; dryer lint; yarn, etc. We used to sell nesting bird houses made out of grass and many times new nesters would take the grass from this house to make their nests. So, we kept several to set out starting in February to help them make a nest that we were unable to sell due to flaws. 

When you make an effort to take care of your birds, you will have many hours of entertainment that you can watch from your windows. 

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