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Fun, Whimsical and Decorative Rain Gauge Queen Part III

Fun, Whimsical and Decorative Rain Gauge Queen Part III

The Crabby Nook on 18th Jul 2021

WOW! We are on a roll! We are having so much fun designing rain gauges! This Spring we introduced our Crabby Atlantic Red Crab and our Rainy Day Song Rain Gauges. Even though we live in the midwest, we LOVE beach coastal decor. And, what would that say about our company if we did not have a crab?!? 

You are going to love our Crabby design! It is so well crafted that it looks real. Perfect for anyone who loves beach coastal themed decor, or, who is living close to water and beach, or,  someone who has a birthday in July, or, anyone who wants to be on a beach.

  • Crabby has the perfect detailed beach finish and cannot wait to be a part of your garden. You will smile to see how hard Crabby works to collect your rainfall and because he is the cutest crab ever!

Crabby is the perfect partner to our Sea Turtle. Our Sea Turtle has been around a few years now and is our #1 seller in Rain Gauges. 

  • Our sea turtle is finished in fine detail. He thinks your garden is the perfect beach home. You will love to see how hard he works collecting your rain.

Our next design we introduced in Spring was the Rainy Day Song Rain Gauge. We LOVE music! We LOVE to sing! We LOVE to dance! How do you say that in a rain gauge? Okay, we are going to think outside the box on this design. We decided on a music score wrapped around a street lamp. Is it unusual? Yes! 

  • Love music? Love to sing? You will love how the music score circles the street lamp in our Rainy Day Song. We can hear you humming.

Now you can see what we mean by whimsical, decorative and fun rain gauges! We love that we can bring you something unique to you. 

Now I should let tell you about again how much this pandemic has created havoc for retail, ecommerce businesses. Again the shipping for this spring order had gone up again by about 30%. Every business we know is trying to get their inventory re-stocked for their company. There is an awful traffic jam trying to get products into the USA. To say we were shocked, yes. For the first time in several years we are forced to increase our prices due to the increase in costs. We are sorry. We have another shipment arriving in August and we thought that costs should not have gone up again...we should be fine. NOT! A container that we paid $6,000 for ocean freight two years ago is now costing us $17,000. What can we do? Nothing really. We have already paid for our new inventory and we just couldn't let it go. Again, we have to raise our prices. 

We do believe we are on our way of being the Rain Gauge Queen in ecommerce. We know you are going to absolutely LOVE our new designs coming this Fall. Just in time for Christmas giving! 

I have invested in some equipment so I can start making live videos. I hope you decide to follow us. We are so happy you are our customer! We appreciate your support of our small business. 

See you Shopping Soon!