Cold Snowy Day Bird Seed Feed on My Patio!

Cold Snowy Day Bird Seed Feed on My Patio!

The Crabby Nook on 6th Jan 2022

I just ran out of our normal bird seed mix that we use during the fall and mixed up my winter feeding mix! This is the third time I filled these feeders today! Feed the birds they are hungry! 

Today, I mixed black oil: 

  • 2 parts Sunflower seeds, add 
  • 1 part Safflower seeds. 
  • Add chopped peanuts, 
  • diced raisins and 
  • meal worms with insects. 

I just refilled the feeders again. I also set out a couple of blocks of suet. It is a miserable cold cold wind getting ready for the heavy snow that is predicted. We also recommend putting out bird peanut butter in a peanut butter holder, and, wildbird seed suet balls for your woodpeckers. We are running very low on these and I do not think we will replenish this season.

Peanut Butter
Peanut Butter House
Tweets - Seed Suet BallsSpring Suet Ball Holder

We have a lot of birds today! Help keep your birds energetic and warm! Get those feeders filled!

When it is cold and windy like today, it is a good thing that you have one of our cast iron bird feeders. They are heavy, will not blow away and they create a sturdy perching location for the birds as they feast. Be sure to treat them with a protective coat spray before using them and drying completely between refills. 

Frog Holding Lily Leaf
2 Frogs Holding LIly LeafBird on Scallop ShellBird on Scallop Shell

Happy Birding! 

See you Shopping Soon!...